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Every child deserves
a bright future.

Don't you think so?

What do we do?

Every child deserves a bright future. Don't you think so?

Education for every child. Bumuana Foundation is convinced that every child has the right to a bright future.  


However, for many children, education is not a matter of course.


In many African countries such as Angola there is still a lot of poverty. Often families living under poverty cannot send their children to school because they do not have the financial means to do so and because the school is too far.  

With our foundation we are committed to helping underprivileged and needy young people in Angola by building schools and 

offering high-quality education.


Bumuana Foundation also provides welfare support and supports the local orphanages.  

And for that we need your support.
Donate today and help build tomorrow.

Mission & vision

Bumuana Foundation wants to provide free access to primary education to underprivileged children in Angola and assist in welfare and support of local orphanages.

Our mission is to empower every child to achieve more through education. We are committed to helping underprivileged children and preparing them for a better future and to reach their full potential.

Together we want to work to build a safe, nurturing environment aimed at maximizing every child's sense of well-being and acquiring skills for education.


We strive to prepare Angolan youth to become students who are ready to face the challenges of the future.

Our vision is to create relevant learning opportunities for students both inside and outside the classroom that help them develop the knowledge, critical thinking skills and character necessary to succeed in the world.


All our projects are focused on providing basic education to underprivileged children in Angola and assisting with welfare and support to the community and local orphanages


Read more about our latest projects here.


In 2015 zijn er door de Verenigde Naties de duurzame ontwikkelingsdoelstellingen: Sustainable Development Goals, afgekort SDG opgesteld om de komende 15 jaar van de wereld een betere plek te maken.


Er zijn 17 doelstelling en 169 onderliggende targets deze doelen te operationaliseren. klik hier voor meer info.

Met onze projecten in Angola en activiteiten in België willen wij als organisatie aan deze 5 doelstellingen werken om zo van de wereld een betere plek te maken.


Support Bumuana Foundation and offer  underprivileged children a better future perspective.

You want to become a volunteer?

We are always looking for volunteers who want to join the Bumuana foundation team. Interested? Please contact us to discuss all options together.

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