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Manuel Miguel Sisi


Manuel Sisi is the founder and president of Bumuana Foundation. Manuel has a background in IT management and in his spare time likes to play musical instruments and read books.

"Thanks to my Angolan background, I have always been very interested in philanthropy. I believe the world would be a better place if we as citizens supported each other.


As one of the principles of the Ubuntu philosophy puts it:

"I am, because we are".


With Bumuana Foundation we help underprivileged children in Angola with high-quality education and we assist this target group in their well-being".

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Charonne Ngoma


Charonne Ngoma is the treasurer at Bumuana Foundation. In her spare time she enjoys writing and fashion.

"Offering the basic principles for a better future to young people starts with good personal development, health and prosperity.


With Bumuana Foundation I want to do my part to achieve this".

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Bumuana Foundation based in Leuven, Belgium established on February 3, 2021.

Bumuana Foundation builds primary schools for underprivileged children in Angola and supports local orphanages where needed.

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