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Our mission is to empower every child to achieve more through education. We are committed to helping underprivileged children and preparing them for a better future and to reach their full potential.


Our values ​​focus on giving underprivileged Angolan children a better future perspective. We want to achieve this through the following strategy:

Supporting local orphanages.

Helping orphans by providing food, clothing and support in their education or the process that aims to educate these children. We want to realize this thanks to volunteers, sponsors and donations.

Start of school construction project.

In many villages children cannot go to school because there are no school fees or because the distance to school is too far. As a result, many children cannot afford an education. In these abandoned and remote villages we want to work to build a suitable school for these children.

Search for sponsors, donors, volunteers and fundraisers.

In order to realize these projects, we will organize fundraising campaigns and look for people who are interested in these projects and who are willing to sponsor them or work as volunteers.

Search for children who are eligible for support.

Children who qualify for support are often on the streets, in orphanages or in churches. Together with our correspondent in Angola we can reach these children. Who is eligible for support depends on the situation of the parents, which we will investigate in detail.

Paying school fees directly to the school.

School fees, school meals and school materials can be paid for children who qualify for sponsorship.

Core values

Our core values ​​determine our identity and are linked to our foundation. What is our belief and what do we believe in?



Student leadership encourages them to achieve high levels of progress. It contributes to fostering both a positive and motivational culture and a high-quality student experience.


Intellectual ability.

Cognitive skills play a vital role in school and every area of ​​life. By strengthening cognitive skills and developing logic and reasoning skills, you develop creative solutions to challenges.



Creating a sense of community improves learning outcomes and the support, collaboration and well-being of the whole school. Learning environments that are deeply united have a range of benefits for students, teachers, parents and the school in general.


  • Fighting illiteracy.

  • Acquiring the necessary knowledge and social, cultural skills.

  • Forming a community in which we promote the well-being of students.

  • Preparing students for a better future perspective.

Reward Policy

The board members do not receive any remuneration or salary for the work they perform for the foundation in accordance with the foundation's articles of association.


Bumuana Foundation wants
to provide underprivileged children
a better future.

And for that we
need your support.

Donate today and
build tomorrow.

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