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BF Family Care Package

The Bumuana Foundation Family Care Package campaign connects families with much-needed resources and supplies. Hunger and malnutrition are often linked to extreme poverty, which leads to a lack of sufficient and nutritious food.


At present, families and orphanages in Angola are facing the economic impact of the coronavirus crisis leading to threats of hunger, exacerbated by the lack of access to financial resources. Bumuana Foundation supports families in need, including orphanages and families with young children with insufficient resources. We can't look away.

Donate a BF Family Care Package today and help ensure children in Angola's most vulnerable communities have food and safety.

Your donation will have an immediate impact on an orphanage or family with young children.


Each care package costs €40.00 and contains resources and supplies suitable for orphanages and families with young children.

The Family Care Packages include:

Food supply for a family of different sizes, consisting of ingredients for a main meal, a light meal and various other items such as oil, grains.


Distribution: Orphanages and families with young children are eligible for the care packages, which are carefully selected by the Bumuana Foundation team.


The aim of the care packages is to connect as many families and orphanages in need as possible with much-needed resources that correspond to human dignity.

Food security care packages are designed to empower vulnerable people in the community to improve their access to food.  

You can support via transfer to our account: BE42 0019 1316 5554

With message: BF Care Package.

We thank you in advance for your support.

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